Top Pick

These Atlantic band submissions we gathered over the 2018 year. There were a lot of new music in these top ten. Thanks to All for making this year an amazing broadcast. Casting from the capital Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada I like to catch local gigs and try catching a few video's and audio tracks to load up on our Maximum 110 YouTube

Having a ton of talent we are getting submissions from the Atlantic area and welcome newcomers. Submissions can be sent to the email in the Contact area of Maximum 110's website. Looking forward to 2019 with the first double play of the year February 6, 2019. 8 PM EST on Metal Nation Radio

#10 Sons of an Eastern Moon - Loke's Legacy
#9 Death Valley Driver - Wolf Crown
#8 Hitman - The Offering
#7 Severance - Mask of Color
#6 Chaotic Christ - Crusher
#5 The Muted Pitch - NA
#4 Red Usurper - The Sphere of Time
#3 Mindless Viscosity - ...something Bad
#2 Elevate The Virus - Derelict
#1 Dischord - Corruption of Innocence

Atlantic Canada Rock & Heavy Metal Music #metalincommon