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Hell-O I'm Stephen LeBlanc and I live in Fredericton, NB, Canada. In the past 24 months, with emails, shows, video's, pictures and making contacts I have been busy gather an array music for my list from around the world. The diversity of the styles of music is what caught most of my attention. Your music must be original & independent. I have full control what I play and how the show must go on...Questions? Ask away.  Artists submit for free air play, promotional marketing through internet radio. "Listener Discretion Is Advised". My position here at Maximum 110 as an entity is a volunteering position at putting this radio show together. My thirst for Heavy Metal music is happening and this fills my cup. Thank you for your submissions and helping us to grow our show, Maximum 110!

Sincerely, Stephen L LeBlanc \m/\m/

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Promotional ventures of Worldwide, Original and Independent Heavy Metal Music is what we do!

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