500 Pounder










500 Pounder

Have you longed for that perfect song about a hobo knife fight? Have you ever needed assistance in dealing with pestilence? Have you or any of your loved ones wanted that perfect tribute to Elvis in his golden years? LOOK NO FURTHER! We may or may not have what you seek. There are no guarantees to be had seeing as everything teeters on the beliefs you put forth, but that is besides the point.

In all seriousness though.

Does it have:

Tones so low that the bass plays mid grounds?


Enough thump to send small objects skittering across the room?


Vocals so gravelly that you believe you've been buried alive?


A black metal song devoted to love and loss?


I mean.. the list could go on and on folks.

Dig it. Love it. Go slightly deaf.

Cheers-Moses D.

Members: Moses D. - Bass/Vocals, Caleb (Filles De) – Lead, Scatt - Rhythm/Vocals, Ratpick – Drums


Call 867-5309 (ask for Jenny)