Act of God

Act of God

Act of God is a Lebrec Czech Republic melodic metal band formed in Liberec, in 2001. The first album "Burning Crosses" was released in 2003, since the release of their second album “Forgotten in Time" in 2005, the band maintains a status as one of the best Czech melodic metal band. The band unveiled during action on a number of prestigious festivals in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of 2015, the band got new bassist Martin Hronek (ex-Petr Kolar, Vilem Cok & By-pass, G-Bod), so after that the band started to prepare a new album. During 2015 Martin Hrachovec and Martin Hronek prepared sixteen demos from which have been created eleven songs. Compared to previous albums, this album was born in a totally relaxed atmosphere, collectively; it has been sung in English only and was released on the 31st of March 2016 with title “Deception of Freedom”.

Members: Anna Burianová/Zpěv, Martin Hrachovec/Kytara/Zpěv, Tomáš Ráček/Kytara, Martin Hroněk/Basa, Petr Prskavec/Bicí