Almøst Human

Almøst Human

The end of 2014 brings a collaboration with Swiss comedians Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon of radio and TV show “120 secondes”. Almøst Human composes, records and mixes the music of the Valaisan metal duet: Black Lion Genocide. The band plays on the main stage of the Paleo Festival in 2015 with Black Lion Genocide in front of 40’000 fans.

In September 2017, Almøst Human is back on stage during the first edition of the Abyss Festival alongside Pro Pain. At this occasion, the band welcomes a new member in the person of Gilles Bonzon as new guitar player, as Chris decides to take on full studio production of the band.

Almøst Human’s first album “XS2XTC”, featuring 14 new songs, is in advanced state of development and will be released in 2018. This album questions if what we see is the reality or just an ideal view of it, sealing the band’s rebirth for sure.

The members of Almost Human have a single goal in mind: to defend their musical repertoire live. It will be the achievement of several years of intense hard work which will undoubtedly place the group among the best values of Swiss metal bands.