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Amplified Memory

While their debut album “The Ever Spinning Wheel” (2013), which was well received by fans and the press and for which a music video of the song “Drowning the Appetence” was released, was still and almost exclusively influenced by this classical Gothenburg melodic death, they expanded their style gradually by numerous elements of progressive and black metal without giving up their original strengths: dual guitar lines, powerful growls, beautiful melodies, atmospheric keyboards and elaborate riffs. Regardless of whether the songs are doom/black metal ballads, stomping midtempo beasts or fast death metal – AMPLIFIED MEMORY stand for an innovative mixture of different metal subgenres with a focus on 90’s melodic death metal.

On October 20th their second album”Vas Hermeticum”, which was recorded at Dreamsound Studios (i.a. Obscura, Graveworm, Serenity, Edenbridge, Emergency Gate, …), was released via Sliptrick Records.

Members: Wolfgang Paulini – vocals; Christoph Lamprecht – (lead) guitar; Eley Ellmer – (rhythm) guitar; Michael Bichler-Thal – bass; Simon Bodesheim – keyboards; Felix Indra – drums