For those in search of epic moments in metal, Of Conviction is lush with serene passages and heaviness which transition fluently between the two. Every layer has a purpose. Piano and synth complement the guitar work providing a unique take on leads and counterpoint. The lyrical concepts are thought-provoking and relatable to the struggles of the human condition. While the harsh vocals fuse death metal and hardcore, the prevalent clean voice is rooted in soul that comes through in a power metal context.

The band started a preorder campaign to fund the pressing of the upcoming release. Between online backers and private contributors they have successfully funded the first round press. An official release date is pending, however there is a momentum building with this debut that Anabasis is hungry to embrace.

Members: David Reid – drums; Patrick Young – vocals, guitar; Brad Devore – guitar; Steve Losurdo – piano, synth; Dylan Lundgren – guitar; A.J. Piszcz – bass