UK (Leeds) Based Progressive Thrash Band

We have been writing, rehearsing and performing music now for over 10 years. In that time we have had 5 drummers! However our founding and lead guitarist Andy persevered and eventually we found in Ryan a drummer with the commitment we needed. Combining this with our perfect fit on bass and we were set. Then, after being with us for 8 years we sadly lost our front man to long term ill health. That was 18 months ago and since we have evolved our music. Cliff previously kept us in time on bass alone, but after this he stood up to take on the role, and he has shone. With backing from rhythm guitarist Ben, the two have ridden the wave of changes the band decided to make in the wake of their loss and as Anarcadia again return to live performance, their new sound is leaving their old fans equally as impressed. They are now gigging in the lead up to the inevitable release of their first commercial EP and plan on fulfilling as many shows per month as their calendars can fit!

Members: Andy Crosby
Ben Bowman
James Clifton
Ryan Oddy