A short Anomaly story…

Anomaly is band designed to allow us to basically do what we feel like, when we feel like. Although we present ourselves in the instrumental format, we certainly keep the door open to write music that could have vocals as we have performed with signers in the past. Influences are wide and move around a lot, although metal seem to permeate a lot of what we do.

Based in Moncton we started under this name sometime in 2013. Initially, the concept was that we’re mostly going to be writing and recording, but great opportunities to play shows were offered and we happily accepted. We had the pleasure of opening for a lot of Great Bands whether local or out-of-town such as, Beyond Creation, Unbeing , Counter Clockwork, Vesperia, Dischord , valfreya, Mindless Viscosity to name a few.

So all that said, the main goal for the band at this point is to release our first album which is nearing completion, and what else? We’ll have to see…

Members: Luke Rogerson (Vocals), Nick TheWhite (Drums), April Arseneault (Bass), Sylvain Francoeur (Guitar), Joel Richard (Guitar)