Hailing from the frozen tundra of Ontario, AxMinister are the heroes of metal the world needs!

Initially formed back in the forgotten mists of metallic history (1999); the power-trio AxMinister looked upon how po-faced metal had become; and yay, and verily, did they pull their mighty Ax from its anvil where it had rested, Excalibur-like, until it was needed; and set out to put the metal world to rights…that is as it should be! They are here to minister the metal; and they have their mighty Ax; their symbol of salvation to guide them.

In magic and metal myth, names have power, and none more so than AxMinister, as splendidly-named drummer Bas Von Bismark explains. “We play warriors of metal on a holy quest. Our preferred weapon is the Ax. It’s also a street name where we partook in libations as teenagers.”

Members: Nicholas Klaus – Bass and Vocals

Liam Maguire – Lead Guitar

Bas Von Bismark – Drums


Call (416) 788-1466