Bless The Dead

Bless The Dead

BTD debuted live April 25, 2013 at Masquerade, Atlanta Ga. BTD started with the release of 2 songs (Das Boot, Jonny Law) in June of 2013, running around the southeast playing as many shows as possible. In the summer of 2015 Bless the Dead recorded there first EP with Jason Wade of Wade Audio, with releasing to the internet on many avenues. Fall of 2016 BTD released another EP (VUL VA) which was recorded with Jason Wade of Wade Audio (VUL VA). gained air play touching all over the U.S and some international cities on many internet radio stations. Spring of 2018 BTD brings there first LP release (The Boars Nest).

Bless the Dead brings you their influence celebration in sound and lyrics to many paths and situations developed on and off stage. A celebration sound of living to the fullest and pushing limits each and everyday day for whatever situation. Indulge, get your fix, Live the life you wanna live.

Members: Vocals: Noah Welborn
Guitar: Allen White
Guitar: Jon Gray
Bass: David Pollard
Drums: Keith Graham