Borgne path has never been straight. Founded in 1998, when it debuted with a demo, the project went off the radar for almost a decade, coming back at full throttle in 2007 with two albums released almost simultaneously. Another ten years after, we are proud to add the Swiss band, which recently became a two-piece, to our roster.

To introduce the new, impending studio album [∞], we asked multi-instrumentalist veteran Bornyhake a comment:

“8 / ∞” is not only a number but a symbol, symbol of infinity, infinity you close inside brackets.

8 is not only a number but a word, word of hatred to break all the brackets.

After twenty years of chaos, [∞] is the 8th Borgne full-length album.

Featuring 8 tracks of non-traditional black metal, written in French and English. Chaos, darkness, feelings, loneliness, anger, insanity, suffering and death… 8 words to describe it.

The most electric and complicated, fragile and deep, industrial and cold, strange and tormented album Borgne ever did. Lovers gonna 8.”

Members: Bornyhake “aka” Ormenos – voice, guitar, programing & atmosphere, Lady Kaos – keys,  Tumulash – bass, Onbra Oscoura – guitar