Broken Ohms

Broken Ohms

“If you like Black Sabbath, Kyuss and the sound of rolling thunder you’ll love Broken Ohms. They serve it bloody and rare, just the way I like my rock & roll music.” – Noisography.com (Halifax, NS)

“Stoner-rock heroes…” -The Coast (Halifax,NS)

“A cursory listen to Halifax, Nova Scotia quartet Broken Ohms, whose name has to be one of the cleverest to emerge from indie rock in a long time, reveals a band that is much too confident in their own ideas to even consider conforming to a preset formula.” – HARDTIMES.CA (Montreal)

“…this is incredibly fun, raw-energy rock.” – Altsounds.com(UK)

“Broken Ohms are here to rock without regret and sound as good as they possibly can while doing it.” – ABORT MAGAZINE (Vancouver)

“…solid constructions with monstrous grooving riffs and catchy choruses.” – Chronicles Of Chaos (South Africa)

Members: Peter Hubley – Vocals, Guitar
Troy Wilson – Guitar
Chris Fawcett – Bass
Paul Nickerson – Drums