Cain was formed in Buffalo, New York in 2010 by Eareckson Murray on guitar/vocals and Bryant Morrison on drums/vocals, with Zack Rot joining on bass in 2012.

Drawing influences from Rush, Slayer, Death, Atheist, Voivod, Terror Squad (Japan), Grave, and many others, Cain is a familiar yet fresh sound in the world of thrash metal.

Cain has shared the stage with the likes of Suffocation, Nunslaughter, Malevolent Creation, Hellwitch, D.R.I., Deathhammer, Hellbringer, and many more. They have also done two U.S. tours and a Canadian tour to spread their music.

Cain released two self-released full-length records: “The Ravaging” (2015, CD, vinyl, digital) and “Into Abyss” (2017, CD,  digital), as well as a demo in 2011 and a vinyl split with Maximum Oversatan.

For a thrash metal power trio that is not to be missed, check out Cain!

Members: Eareckson Murray – Guitars/vocals, Bryant Morrison – Drums/vocals, Zack DeMarzio – Bass Guitar