Finnish death metal band CARNIFEX – NOT the horrible, trendy US deathcore outfit – is going to see all their demo recordings from ’91 to ’93 officially reissued on CD through XTREEM MUSIC under the title of Pathological Rites.

This short-lived band from Finland, like most young Scandinavian death metal bands, lasted four years – from 1989 to 1993 – and recorded three demos, which are now being released with remastered sound, enhanced cover artwork by legendary Chris Moyen (who did their first demo cover back then) and a booklet full of photos, flyers, demo covers, and liner notes. Even though CARNIFEX didn’t cause a big impact in the scene, this is for sure a good legacy that every lover of good, old ’90s Finnish death metal will need to have in their collection.

Members: Scott Ian Lewis- Vocals, Shawn Cameron- Drums, Jordan Lockrey – Guitar, Cory Arford- Guitar, Fred Calderon – Bass