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Centripetal Force

Italian technical thrashers CENTRIPETAL FORCE have just inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their debut EP, Eidetic, due to come out before the end of the year.

Formed back in 2010 by Stefano Saroglia (guitars) and Andrea Carratta (drums), CENTRIPETAL FORCE completed the lineup with John Knight, who is lead singer of UK progressive metal band Synaptik. The musical style of the band is twisted, technical, and progressive thrash metal in the vein of bands like Watchtower, old Cynic, Mekong Delta, Control Denied, Coroner, later Death, and Toxik.

In 2017, CENTRIPETAL FORCE recorded three songs destined to be their debut EP, entitled Eidetic, and with this, they got a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for its release in December of the same year. The band is now working on more songs for a second EP to be released sometime in fall 2018, but that’s another story…

Members: Andrea Carratta – beats, John Knight – screams, Stefano Saroglia – riffs