Chronoform was founded in 2013 by drummer Vänni Panula and guitarist Aapo. The driving force was to be able to play the songs they had composed. Actually in the beginning, there was only one song. It would later be known by the name “Veil” after being in hibernation for a couple of years. Vänni and Aapo managed to get a band together even though we lived in a small town of only about 15 000 people. Since then, only the singer has changed, and still all members originate from the same city.

Our sound is a unique blend of modern and traditional metal. We have a lot of groovy, tech stuff in our songs and then again more straight-forward, feel-oriented parts can also be found there.

Members:Juha-Matti Järvenpää – bass
Eero Mäkiranta – guitar
Aapo Hakamaa – guitar
Niko-Petteri Westerholm – vocals
Vänni Panula – drums