The musical style of Corexit is classical 80s thrash metal riffing combined with powerful melodies and atmospheric parts.

It’s heavily influenced by a lot of different thrash icons, but also by death metal classics. Sometimes you can even hear the vibes of the NWoBHM.

Corexit insists on straight and catchy songwriting. That’s the reason why their songs sound extremely powerful and energetic. The riffs are sometimes bonegrinding groovy and sometimes at facemelting velocities. Every song got its own atmosphere leading to a thrilling experience, which just won’t get boring.

The catchy refrains and melodies are an important part of the music. Sometimes they even reach a hymn-like character.

Corexits music is a great, authentic combination of everything you like about metal, but stays true to its thrash metal roots.

Members:  Heiko -Vocals/Guitars, Marc – Guitars, Tim – Bass, Simon – Drums