Crimson Slaughter

Crimson Slaughter

Crimson Slaughter is a Spanish thrash metal band formed in 2015 from members of other metal bands in the southern area of Madrid.

The band started with Víctor Sánchez (bassist) and Fran Rodríguez (guitarist), former members of another thrash metal band from Madrid (Cult Destroyer), and completed its lineup almost a year later with the addition of Jorge Homobono (drummer from Sechem) and Daniel Żołyniak (guitarist from Atrocyted).

Since then the band has been dedicated to record their first self-produced professional album, which was released on July 2016, and is currently on promotion period. Also, the band has material ready for a second album release, and is currently seeking promotion agreements and record labels that could be interested in a young thrash band that wants to break into the world with its music.

Members: Víctor Sánchez - Bass/Vocals, Fran J. Rodríguez - Lead Guitar, Daniel Zolyniak - Lead Guitar, Jose A. Rodríguez - Drums