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Cryptic Fog
Hailing from the American Midwest, Chicago, Illinois, CRYPTIC FOG are one of the death metal underground’s true, as-yet-discovered gems. To date, the band have only a demo to their name, from their very beginnings in 2009, but they’ve been patient and plying away at their trade to craft to twisted majesty of Staring Through the Veil. Based around the song writing duo of guitarist/bassist Dave Bennett and drummer Dan Klein, with Klein handling all vocals, together they have delivered a work that ably balances aggression and atmosphere, performance and production.
While grounded firmly in the long-running traditions of death metal on both sides of the Atlantic – thus, Tampa as much as Stockholm – CRYPTIC FOG aren’t afraid to blacken to a crisp their percolating compositions, which explode and retract and then twist further, only to explode into another angle, always offering the listener some new diabolical construct to warp the mind.

Members: Dave Bennett-guitars, bass, backing vocals, Dan Klein-drums, backing vocals, Nate Shaw-session vocals, Mike Shaw-session vocals