Dead Limbs

Dead Limbs

Dead Limbs is an Atmospheric Black Metal band formed by Asclepius, Saturnus and Poimandres. Spiritus/Sulphur was shaped out of fragments of "The ash seeketh embers", a tale created by the band, which embodies aspects of Greek mythology and Hermetic philosophy, and is heavily influenced by the "Souls" series. The tale's prologue is in the disc's booklet, and the rest of the story will be released soon. The narrative is basically conducted by the search of the protagonist in his path to transcend into something beyond human. Musically, the band's main influences are Agalloch and Mgla. Spiritus/Sulphur releases the debut (2017).

Dead Limbs Line-up consists of Asclepius (main instrumentals), Poimandres (main co ncept), Saturnus (main lyrics).