By now, DEATHHAMMER should need no introduction. For 13 years this insatiable Norwegian duo have been at the forefront of the burgeoning Black Thrash movement. Though Black Thrash has seen intermittent surges in popularity over the last few decades, for sole members Sadomancer and Sargeant Salsten, this is a way of life – not a trend. DEATHHAMMER proved as much as with their cult debut album, Phantom Knights, in 2010 and then proved it yet further and more fully – and more furiously and filthily – with 2013’s Onward to the Pits and 2015’s Evil Power, both of which were released by HELLS HEADBANGERS to widespread international acclaim. And yet, through it all, the duo kept their wits about them, simply being DEATHHAMMER and taking their irresistible (and irresistibly evil) charm to stages worldwide, including a command performance at HELLS HEADBANGERS’ Hells Headbash 2 in 2015.

Some bands age like fine wine, while others are mostly remembered for their early, exuberant energy. With Chained to Hell, DEATHHAMMER prove you can do both!