DEMONOMANCY is the sublimation of primitive human impulses morphed into aural spears that suffocate consciousness in a perennial leprous embrace.

Corrosive verses burn superficial organic tissues revealing the pulsating flesh exposed in its primordial obscenity.

In this atoning pilgrimage, the unbearable guilt gives birth to inner demons that lacerate the mendacious drape covering our hidden and irrational world.

We praise the morbid and forbidden Bestiality to be rejoined with our primeval dimension.

We praise the diseased and torbid Spirit bounded by the mortal coil’s festering chains.

The body is merely a monumental epitaph.

Metal of Death – Methodical Chaos

Members: W.W. The Unbaptized Shepherd: Guitars/Vocals (2008 – present)

– Herald of the Outer Realm:Drums/Vocals (2015 – present)

– A.Cutthroat: Bass (2016 – present)