DemonScar makes hard and heavy rock and roll music. It’s metal, its punk, its thrash, and it’s raw. No fancy overdubs. No auto-tune. No gimmicks, just straight up killer New York rock. We got the riffs. We got the boom.

Nza (vocals/bass) and Meds (guitar/vocals) began writing songs and performing live together on Long Island in 1998. They gigged locally as Tangent for several years in the midst of the pop-punk/emo craze, but their passion for heavy music never really fit on bills that featured popular bands like Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day.

After parting ways in the early 2000s, they went on to perform in various projects while remaining close friends. Nza fronted Hollow (“Something To Believe”), MFU, and Death Proof, while Meds performed with Byron’s Way, The Released, and Toxin.

Fast forward 17 years (jobs, marriage, detox, divorce) – Nza showed Meds some lyrics while riding the train to see Iron Maiden in New Jersey. The next morning Meds texts Nza a 3-minute recording of riffs and this became “Pray on the Prey.” Over the next several weeks, they wrote and recorded their four song self-titled EP, which includes “The Fire Still Rages,” “Blackened Rose,” and “Unhealed.” Their 2018 follow-up EP with “Dead on Monday,” “Demonize,” “Drive Devil Ride,” “Frankenbride,” and “All the Same” released on Friday, July 13.

Members: Nza – Vocals, Bass

Meds – Guitars, Vocals

Gino – Drums




www. twitter.com/demonscarnyc