DEPRAVITY is a Death Metal band from Perth, Australia.

The various members that make up Depravity have a 20 year history of performing, touring and recording in various bands worldwide. (See below)

The commitment and experience of the members involved gives Depravity an authenticity that is overtly recognizable to diehard ears.

No gimmicks, no romanticized biography, just indomitable Death Metal, thoughtfully crafted and performed from the heart.

A three track EP ‘Reign of the Depraved’ was released in July 2016, this release, coupled with the bands high level live performance, have been met with praise by all who’ve beheld it.

Members: Jamie Kay-Vocals,

Jarrod Curley-Guitars,

Lynton Cessford-Guitars,

Louis Rando-Drums,

Ainsley Watkins-Bass