Fierce and spitting lyrics will leave you wanting more. Heavy and fast guitars from founder Ron Carrillo (ex-Mandrake) and Ryan Nevins will melt your skin to the flesh. The rattling tone of John Colucco’s bass will make your knees weak, and rattle your chest. Finally, the blistering drums from Alex Carrillo will hit you like a freight train.
Draghoria is currently trying to spread like a disease to every nation. We have released two three-song EP’s with our current lineup, and wish to do more. The question at hand; Are you aboard? Draghoria is a multi-generational metal band from Northern Colorado with a recurring theme that describes their music to a tee – thrash metal.

Members: Riggs – Vocals
Ron Carrillo – Lead Guitar
Ryan Nevins – Rhythm Guitar
Alex Carrillo – Drums
John Colucco-Bass Guitar


1 970-576-2422