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Dying Awkward Angel

Initially formed two decades ago in Turin, Italy, Dying Awkward Angel are a total  testament to the strength and convictions of true metallers. Enduring line-up changes and travails that would have crushed a lesser band, Dying Awkward Angel refused to die…instead they have thrived!

In 2013, Dying Awkward Angel finally unleashed their debut full length album ‘Waiting For Punishment’, following it in 2016 with a well-received EP entitled ‘Madness Rising’

Dying Awkward Angel’s current line-up is founding member Edoardo Demuro on guitar, Luca Pellegrino on drums, Lorenzo Asselli on guitars, David Onidaon bass, and Michael Spallieri on vocals.

Inspired by In Flames, At The Gates, Carcass, Dark Tranquillity, Slayer, Death, Pantera, and Metallica, Edoardo describes Dying Awkward Angel’s sound as “melodic, angry, insane, furious, ambiguous”.

Members: Luca Pellegrino: Drums

Edoardo Demuro: Guitars

Lorenzo Asselli: Guitars

Davide Onida: Bass Guitar

Michele Spallieri: vocals