French symphonic power metallers HAMKA, featuring Spanish vocalist Elisa C. Martín (ex-Darkmoor), have inked a deal with FIGHTER RECORDS for the official release of their long-awaited second album, Multiversal, due for international release on December 14th.

Formed back in 2003 by guitarist Willdric Lievin and Elisa C. Martín, HAMKA released a demo called Exodus in 2004 and their debut album, Unearth, came out a year later, but during the following years, the band was put on hold due to personal circumstances until, in 2013, it was resurrected with the addition of three new members and preparation of a second album entitled Multiversal, which was finished in summer 2017.

Now it’s FIGHTER RECORDS who will properly release Multiversal, a magnificent 14-song opus of top-quality symphonic power metal with ethnic influences, giving it a worldwide promotion and distribution. Located in France.

Members: Willdric Lievin / Compositor, Bass, Elisa C.Martin / Voice, J-B / Drums,Sylvain Cohen / Guitars, Esteban Bravo / Compositor / Arrangements