HOUNDWOLF is a heavy metal band from Witten (Germany) which commits itself to the original, Rock’n’Roll-driven form of this genre. The primary focus is always on the energy, songwriting and authenticity.

The band released its first EP Fast and Loose, produced by Mike Misar (Label: M71), on 6th October 2016. Their first full-length album Beware of the Dog (also produced by Mike Misar) was published on 24th November 2016. The next EP Tempted to Abuse (Label: M71) features four brand new songs and was released on 27th April 2018. Tempted to Abuse stands out due its organic sound, the straight songwriting and the unadorned and open-minded lyrics.


Milan Schloßmacher (Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars), Tobias Maienschein (Guitars & Backings), Daniel Teuchert (Bass & Backings) and Thomas Neuhaus (Drums).