If the name Ichor isn’t immediately familiar, it’s for good reason: this extremely cult black metal band formed in 1993 and disbanded later that year. During that time, the band recorded and released a self-titled four-track demo tape. But, its disbanding was also for good reason: Ichor’s two members, Wraith and Diablore, wanted to focus on their other band, the now-legendary Nazxul. Thus, in the grand context of Australian black metal, Ichor served as an oft-unknown yet crucial puzzle piece.

Late in 2017, the decision was made by Wraith and Diablore to re-form Ichor, and the duo promptly recorded the band’s first full-length. Aptly titled God of Thunder God of War, Ichor’s debut album thematically focuses on Slavic paganism. In fact, the moniker Ichor itself the ancient Greek word for the fluid that runs in the gods’ veins; the concept behind using that word was that the only difference between humanity and the gods is a physical substance or principal, thusly meaning that humanity can rise to the ranks of gods.