One of the reasons for this is the love both fans and musicians alike have for this most durable form of metal. Such a band are 80s legends Ottawa’s INFRARED; a band who made a big impact with Canadian fans in the 80s; and have in recent years returned to cement and carry on their own legacy, releasing a newly-recorded album of their classic material “No Peace” in 2016, followed by their forthcoming album of original material, “Saviours” in 2018.

An apt name because they really are Saviours of classic thrash metal!

Describing INFRARED’s sound as “thrashy, aggressive, melodic, heavy, and tight”, guitarist/vocalist Armin Kamal explains that INFRARED’s inspirations run deep.

“The Big Four will stand out as we have been described as a band with a bay area sound…But our influences are truly rooted in 70s and early 80s metal. Accept, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest are all bands that laid the foundation and the love of metal for us!”

Members: Mike Forbes (Bass)

Alain Groulx (Drums)

Armin Kamal (Vocals, Guitars)

Kirk Gidley (Guitars)