Kaine is a leading force in the British Metal Revival formed in 2009 by Rage Sadler (rhythm guitars & vocals). The band is a NWOBHM inspired 4 pieces. In 2014 the band released its second album “The Waystone”. The album was recorded at Angry Bee Studios in London and produced by Akis K (RIP 2015) and mastered by Z-Plane. The band was voted the GMA Breakthrough U.K. band of the year in 2013. In 2015 the band was nominated as the Best British Band at the TBFM Awards, with Rage Sadler receiving a nomination for best singer and the band’s performance at Wildfire Festival was also nominated for best performance.

Members: Rage Sadler – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Vocals (2009 -), Chris MacKinnon – Drums/Backing Vocals (2012-), Saxon Davids – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar (2014 – ), Stephen Ellis – Bass (2015).


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