Formed in 2010, the band are a 21st century version of their land’s rich-story telling tapestry, they are bards with instruments, musical archaeologists, excavating the sounds and stories of their country’s past to create something new, beguiling and beautiful.

The band comments:

“’Fulìsche’ are the sparks of a fire moving away from the element they were born from, they shine in their own glow and you can watch them for a few instants before they disappear forever in the dark…In the same way mankind’s stories live in the collective memory until they take flight and you have a limited time to look at them and catch their beauty before they’re lost.”

Members: Andrea Facchin (Lead Vocals), Federico Grillo (Guitars), Davide Mazzucco (Guitars, Bouzouki), Dimitri De Poli (Bass), Luca Rover (Drums), Luca Zanchettin (Bagpipes, Kantele), Stefano Herian Da Re (Whistles,Rauschpfeife)