Hailing from the depths of Serbian darkness since 2015, Kobold is a trio of road hogs bent on thrashing, moshing & corrupting everything that is sacred.
Fueled by vast doses of Beer & “Vinjak”, Kobold has pillaged its way through the Serbian metal scene from the alcohol & piss ridden small clubs to the festival stages, with its unique ball busting Speed Metal sound.
On the May 18th, 2015, Kobold released its debut EP, titled “Madman’s Overture” as a 4 piece band but has since started working as a power trio.
On the May 18th, 2017, Kobold released a live EP titled “Live Act of Violence” containing one old track, four new ones, and one cover, to commemorate the release of its debut EP.
On the July 1st, 2017, Kobold released its debut album titled “Death Parade” containing 13 brand new songs, one from the previous releases, and a cover of the legendary speed metal anthem “Stand up and Fight” by Exciter.
In February 2018, Kobold has released first music video for the song DEATH PARADE, and a local promo tour has taken off.
In 2018. after four years with the band, Sergej Radan has departed from the band and Marko Stefanovic of “Grobdanište” has joined the band as the new drummer.
Kobold has since been working on the follow-up album titled “MASTERPACE”
In September 2018 Savo Kraljević left the band and Stefan Stanojević, aka “Edwin Pickett” has joined the band on bass guitar.
On 15 March 2019 Kobold released the music video for FRACTURED, one of the tracks from the new album.
On the July 1st, 2019, two years after the debut album, Kobold released its sophomore album titled “Masterpace” containing 7 brand new songs.

Members: Elio Rigonat – Vocals & Guitar – a founding member of the band
Marko Stefanović – Drums
Stefan Stanojević, aka “Edwin Pickett” – Bass


Call +381 61 1593141