Hailing from the city of Leipzig, Germany, the site of one of black metal’s most storied live performances, Lihhamon arose unceremoniously in 2013 and set to work in relative anonymity, crafting its bludgeoning weapon of aural terrorism over the course of the ensuing two years before making its presence known to the masses. In 2015, without any prior recordings in their name, the trio entered Ariditas Studio and committed ten hymns of contemptuous, vehement scorn to tape, which resulted in the band’s first release and debut album, Doctrine.

The most obvious nod to such inspirations would likely be the relentless, highly-regimented, percussive attack present throughout, which is often sadistically reminiscent of J. Read’s violent style. This similarity aside, Lihhamon is not just another faint attempt at mimicry of bands who have already pushed the envelope so far in a direction that is difficult to reach, let alone surpass. Instead, the band also successfully adopts other elements further along down the death metal spectrum to create its very own auditory manifesto of total disdain for the meek. The vocals, in particular, are often layered with a cutting, higher-pitched vocal scourge that intersects with and complements the more pervasive low-register growl, the combination of which serves to beckon the mass annihilation of our species

Members: M. – Terror and Intolerance, F. – Scorn and Intolerance, A. – Chaos and Intolerance