Lionsault has been running the roads and bringing their version of rock n’ roll to the people since the release of their debut album ‘Are You Feeling Lucky?’ in the fall of 2015. Their unique but familiar interpretation of rock n’ roll filled with catchy hooks, huge riffs, and high-energy driving rhythms with harsh but melodic female vocals leading the way, has helped them crush anything in their way

Now, with a 2nd album in the works, the new addition of Cody Ramsdale on guitar, and no stopping in sight in any regard, Lionsault continues to bring their hard n’ heavy east coast rock n’ roll to the eyes and ears of the country while they continue to carry out their plans of world domination.

Members: Kortni Nicols – Vocals+Bass, Cody Ramsdale – Guitar+Backup Vocals, Chase Nicols – Drums


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