In 2018 cosmic black metal is a thing, everybody knows that. Loads of bands tried to reach the stars along the years, some of them were successful, many others were not. Lumnos is the solo project of talented Breno, a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist who’s been working in outer space since 2015 under the nickname Putrefactus.

After several digital releases in a span of just two years, Putrefactus took his fascinating work to a complete new level, hosting B.M. from Sky Forest and Unknown from Lost Sun as session members. 2018 will see Lumnos first physical release out for the newborn Avantgarde sublabel Flowing Downward: Ancient Shadows Of Saturn is a landmark album in Lumnos career, a mature work which will accompany your astral journeys through this solar system and beyond.

Members: Putrefactus – All Instruments, Vocals


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