Manic Depression

Manic Depression

The band MANIC DEPRESSION was formed by guitarist - Vitaly Novozhilov in 2000. The first demo titled “Who Deals the Pain” was recorded in a year and released on audio cassette by an independent company Hobgoblin. In 2002 MetalAgen label manager (MetalAgen – sub-label for major SOYUZ) offered them recording a full-length CD. Musicians re-recorded demo material, changed track list and added new songs. The debut album “Who Deals the Pain” was released on CD in autumn 2003.

MANIC DEPRESSION continued live performances and started working at new material. At the beginning of 2012 the brand new mini-album “Box of Lies” was released.

During 15 years of existence MANIC DEPRESSION was a support band for such world-famous bands as Exodus, Gorefest, Shadows Fall, Kataklysm, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, several times for Destruction and Sodom. The band toured a lot and is known in big cities in Russia and other countries. From Moscow USSR.

Members: Vitalij Novozhilov guitar, back vocal , Alexander Schapkov guitar, vocal, Ilya Zudilov bass, Daniel Yakovlev drums