Mascharat’s debut album on September 15th, a brilliant work of atmospheric Renaissance Black Metal from Milan, Italy inspired by ancient tradition and Venetian carnival. And so concludes Mascharat’s tale of the three masks. When the masquerade is over and the shadows are swept away we await again the moment when we may revel behind the mask. Beneath the elegant veil and cloak a beautiful visage, an anonymous spirit freed from the constraints of the world to seek the true path of emancipation. The mask is the muse and Mascharat are the men behind the masks, musicians and bards of esoteric allegory. Mysterious troubadours, elusive yet emboldened with the spirit of the Renaissance reborn in the modern world to explore ancient tradition, esoteric illumination and the age old enigma of occulta philosophia. The culmination of their conspiracy being the creation of  the album, ‘Mascharat’, a work which forges the band’s own unique concept of Renaissance Black Metal.

Members: Unknown