The band’s members had been writing and performing for many years before coming together to form Maziac. Tim recorded and toured with local riff-heavy rockers Knievel Genius, garnering reviews in Rock Sound and receiving Kerrang! TV airplay in the process. Guitarist/vocalist Tony Best released an EP and 2 albums, featured by the likes of Ultimate Guitar and The Moshville Times, with Manchester-based progressive metal band Phineas Gage. And drummer Marc Vachon has an extensive history of playing with various bands in his home country of Canada, the latest of which being indie rockers Forgotten Fix.

With a strong desire to play heavier music than he had in his previous bands, Marc began searching for like-minded musicians upon his move to London. He met Tim through a mutual friend then met Tony through a musicians’ website and after a few jams they decided to stay as a three-piece. With the line-up consolidated, the guys got to work honing their songs and the rest is history!

Members: Tony Best – Guitar/Vocals
Tim Stokes – Bass/Synths/Vocals
Marc Vachon – Drums/Backing Vocals