The METHEDRINE project took shape in the winter of 2017 by the will of Bone (drums), Lou (vocals) and Mark (guitar) after the definitive split up of UPSET NOISE; the band active since 1982 was part of the first Italian hard core punk scene together with bands like NEGAZIONE, RAW POWER, WRETCHED, INDIGESTI etc. And left a handful of records that become underground classics like “Disperazione Nevrotica”, “Nothing More To Be Said” and “Growing Pain” (whose title track was covered in a beautiful version by JINGO DE LUNCH) meanwhile sharing the stages of half Europe with bands such as D.R.I., CRO MAGS, HOLY TERROR, G.B.H., CORONER, SOCIAL UNREST and JINGO DE LUNCH among others, and are considered as pioneers of the punk/metal cross-over at the turn of the 80’s and the 90’s; after a short and intense reunion, in which Mark (who also plays together with Bone in the historical hard core Italian band EU’S ARSE) joined the band, UPSET NOISE broke up definitively in 2016. After the split up,the three survivors contacted Trampax (guitar) and Chainsaw (bass) from FACE YOUR ENEMY and DALTONIC OUTCRY to complete the line up, and the took the name METHEDRINE in honor of the favorite substance of MOTORHEAD’s Lemmy and JOHNNNY CASH; soon after the band went in the recording studio to realize the “Built For Speed” EP , which contains four tracks that blend an ensemble of d-beat, fierce hard core attitude, powerful thrash-metal influenced guitar riffs on a furious rhythm section while the angry voice Lou accompanies in his filthy tales of ordinary madness shooting every single tune as if it was the last of the whole universe. “Built For Speed” EP CD digipack will be released on April the 16th 2018 on KORNALCIELO RECORDS.

Members: Lou – Vocals Trampax – Guitar Mark – Guitar Chainsaw – Bass Bone – Drums