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Mindless Viscosity

Established in Moncton, NB Canada the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place in the early summer of 2013 when Norm Robichaud on vocals, Eric Gibbs on drums, and Alain Levesque on bass, were added to the mix. This resulted in Mindless Viscosity's heaviest and tightest lineup to date. New life was breathed into the band and these new players were able to complement and enhance the already established riffs that Saul and Marco honed over their many years playing together resulting in a relentless rhythmic assault of thick and powerful songs that will leave you astonished by the mind melting heaviness of it all. Although this incarnation of Mindless Viscosity is but in it's infancy this fact is certainly not reflected when these experienced and talented players hit the stage. Seamlessly mixing Meshuggah-like rhythmic elements and Carcass-like aggression Mindless Viscosity is not to be missed.

Members: Norm Robichaud - Vocals, Marco Gervais - Guitar, Saul Nadeau - Guitar, Matt LeBlanc - Bass, Eric Gibbs - Drums