Brothers since the dawn of time... Shaun and Daniel Monteith were born to rock. From the days of their youth, they were bombarded with radio-active Kid Rock, Metallica and AC/DC soundwaves.

For years, they practiced until they met the ultimate drummer : Chaddus Provost who could throw down to Def Leppard as hard as he could blast-beat. The last piece of the puzzle was a bass-man whould could go lower than you thought possible. They cut their teeth on house-parties, taking every show they could get, then hosting and playing with bands from all across the world, eventually culminating in an international web of Monteith-Mania from coast to coast. Triumphantly, Monteith gallivants across the Canadian land-scape going wherever rock is needed. Coming to YOUR town soon.

Members: The Monteith Bros.

Shaunteith : Mighty Vocals and Rhythm instrumentation -

Dan Halen : Epic shred + double singing

Chaddus Provost : The actual best drummer + triple singing

Sugar James (Tasse) - Space Bass + 4thHarmony


Call (506) 802-9158