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Mourning Sun

We are Mourning Sun, a five piece Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas. Each with our own purpose, playing music that we believe will surprise anybody who stops and listens.

“Therapy Sessions, a collection of songs that were written far from each other over time, and yet were cradled, nurtured, and brought up to be what they are now all at the same time. In no way is this a concept album, just five individual songs with their own personality’s and meanings, because they are so personal and yet relatable the album title seemed perfect for what this EP is. What these songs mean to me are what I hope they can mean to you, Therapy, simple as that. “ – James Vaughn Lubbering

Members: Vocals – James Vaugn Lubbering
Bass – Baker Livingston
Drums – Kyle Bertrand
Rhythm Guitar – Ian Flores
Lead Guitar – Emmanuel Facio


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