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Nocturnes Mist

Nocturnes Mist’s Diabolical Baptism is a work of traditional black metal inspired by the occult and Satan. After watching The Omen trilogy, the band was inspired to write a song based upon the iconic film score, “Ave Satani,” and in doing so, this song influenced the tone of the album. Diabolical Baptism is a work inspired by high Satanism, both its medieval origins as well as the presence of Satan and the occult in the contemporary world: from The Omen trilogy to Ken Russel’s classic The Devils (from which a sample is used on the song “Barbs of Sadism) to the illustrations from the works of Lord of De Lancre, the infamous French witch-finder and demonology of the 17th Century. His image of the Black Mass, the witches Sabbath in addition to horror, both fictional demonic terror and the real life terrors of the medieval age and inquisition, coupled with a fascination for clandestine ceremonies of the left-hand path – all come together with each song representing another page of Nocturnes Mist’s musical grim-moire, a tale written in homage to Satan and the vivid imagery that he has inspired throughout the ages.

Members: Deceiver-vocals, Ominous-guitar, Inferus-guitar, Annunaki-bass, Grotesquery-keys, Zy-drums