Alternative metal star Nookie returns with her 3rd full-length solo album containing 13 powerful tracks backed up by her talented group of musicians. The singer keeps a strict schedule of releasing a new record every 2 years and Exceptions (translated from “Исключения”) follows on from her first album Alive in 2013 and then in 2015, Lunar Butterfly Pollen.

The album Exceptions turns out to be musically powerful and deep in content. The title of the disc is not accidental, it reflects the main idea. According to Nookie, her new disc is addressed to each specific person as an exception. The center of attention is a person who is opposed to the crowd. In the world there are no two identical people, it’s important to be yourself and to feel the importance of your own life – the main idea that she wants to convey. The sound covers uncompromising nu-metal and alternative complemented with strong melodies and topped with the unmistakable voice of Nookie herself.


Андрей Острав (Andrey Ostrav)

Александр Карпухин (Alexander Karpukhin)

Сергей Боголюбский (Sergey Bogolyubskiy)

Дария Ставрович (Daria Stavrovich)


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