North Hammer











North Hammer

And in the case of Andrew James (of Edmonton’s Eye of Horus’ and ‘Shotgunner’) and his new one man band North Hammer; that chord is a guitar chord!

Andrew draws inspiration from the mighty Quorthon; for Andrew is not so much a one-man band as a one-warrior metal machine. Andrew wrote and recorded the guitar, bass, vocals, and orchestration for North Hammer’s forthcoming ‘Stormcaller’ album.

Inspired by Wintersun, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Aether Realm, Blind Guardian, ‘Stormcaller’ is a 21st century continuation of the work of Norse bards who inspired the ancient poem above, Andrew describes North Hammer’s sound as “melodic death metal folk riffs!”

Andrew explains the significance of his band’s name. “The ‘north’ part was a representation of the common theme winter that comes up in metal music, including folk metal. It is also a reference to my native Canada. ‘Hammer’ is a reference to Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer!”

Andrew hopes it will be well-received by fans.

Members: Andrew James – Vocals/ Guitars/ Bass/ Orchestration

Doug Helcaraxë Nunez – Drums