Oceans Will Rise

Oceans Will Rise

“Their songs [are] intelligently arranged … Blessed with a super solid bass/drum duo of Bell and Alexander, which gives guitarists McGrath and Bourque a solid bed to lay down their sensationally finger-melting riffs down upon. If there’s one thing Marchand [their singer] knows, it’s how to give a truly epic performance.” (Ian Smith, Guff Magazine)

“I must say that after the screaming the vocals are pleasing to the ear! Very heavy sound with fab guitar and bass riffs … a unique sound … the sound is not only different, but it’s exciting as well” Oceans Will Rise is a Metal Band from Halifax and was formed in 2008.

Members: Matt McGrath, Vocals
Adam Marchand, Guitar & Vocals
Kris Bourque, Guitar
Matt Kenny, Bass
Sean Alexander, Drums