Of Vice & Virtue

Of Vice & Virtue

It was all originally started by our drummer, Hayden. Going to Dartmouth High School while attending many local hardcore shows from the likes of Sewn Eyes, Counterparts, and many more; Hayden knew he wanted to play in a band. We were all still in high school and he had barely even played much drums at all before; but decided to learn on his own and quickly became friends with a few locals and began jamming in his attic. Throughout the decision of trying to figure out who to play with, Hayden eventually met Nick Briggs, a guitarist from Halifax West High School and Of Vice and Virtue was finally starting to form.

Finally, with a lineup we were happy with we decided to record our first EP entitled ‘Greys’. Greys was a mixture of many things, frustrations from high school, things we wanted to say at the time to people that we didn’t know how, as well as our blood and sweat put into writing the music itself. We didn’t expect it to do as well as it did locally though, people responded with open arms and we were finally back on the scene. We played every song on Greys at almost every show for a long time. It was the craziest feeling to see people getting into our music. We didn’t even know how to respond it was so surreal.

Members: Connor MacEwen – Vocals, Nick Briggs - Guitar/Vocals, Luke Peters - Guitar/Vocals, Hayden Mactavish – Drums, Ryan Mason – Bass




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