Out of Order

Out Of Order

In 2013, Out of Order found itself not only back but stronger than ever. Joel Bellemare’s technical rock-and-roll leads and solos are fortified with the blitz of bassist Yves Thibault’s rhythm lines, strengthened further by Mitch Cayouette steady rythum gituar. Vocalist, Scott Maracle’s guttural vocals still constantly season the whole mix, while drummer Jean-Luc Biladeau brings up the rear with a fast paced thumping and peppered beats on the drums. Together, Out Of Order aims to redefine what it means to be a rocker. They spent a year and a half in the studio recording their album “Better Days” which was be released in July 2014. The band embarked on a tour of the Midwestern and Eastern USA and Europe in the summer of 2014 and 2015. In 2016 Out of Order embarked on a full whirlwind North American tour of Canada and the U.S.A, 22 cities in 25 days. The bands 3rd studio release, ‘Stuck in the Mud” was released on Randale Records in winter 2017.

Members: Rod Stewart -Vocals
Keith Richards-Gituars
Buddy Rich- Drums
Elvis Presley-Guitars
Les Claypool-Bass